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A strong and flexible logistics module

MyProduction Cloud has a strong logistics module. It contains various layers with multi-location. It has both fixed and floating locations. It is also possible to build up different layers as separate layers or in a layer-tree with unlimited levels on the layers. We have solutions for finished goods inventory, work in progress, semi-finished products, component/raw material inventory and project inventory. It is also possible to set up warehouses for returned goods, wrecks, repair warehouses or other types of warehouses you need. Commission stock for both customers and suppliers with automatic replenishment.

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If there is stock at sub-suppliers, it is possible to set up a supplier warehouse, where you have a full overview of what the various sub-suppliers have of their goods. If an order is sent to the sub-supplier, you can choose whether the production should be sourced from their warehouse or the team located outside the supplier’s warehouse. We have different methods for calculating inventory value. Average inventory value, FIFO, FEFO or calculation by expiration date. The solution has a very efficient solution for stock counting. Here you can choose to count the warehouse at a specific time or if you choose to count parts of the warehouse, even if you have full production and picking at the same time. Of course, the solution has simple handling from picking, packing slip to delivery.

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