We have 3 types of calculations: Production calculation, offer calculation and packaging calculation - but you can easily tailor your calculations to each production.

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Calculating correct calculations is essential to gain control over the entire process from planning and pricing to delivery. We now have the market’s most complete solution for calculation. It takes into account the raw materials, the operations to be done, machine costs, operator costs and all other specific costs. We build the calculation with a structural article where the bill of materials consists of intermediate goods and raw materials. We have unlimited levels so that the system can be adapted to any production. We know that many different methods are used to calculate and we can take care of all the variants so that it will be easy for you to use our solution. We can retrieve basic data from construction upon complete integration from PDM systems, we can retrieve basic data from Excel or other file formats. You can easily copy previous calculations and only make changes for new productions. You can build template calculations that facilitate your work with calculations. We have built in the ability to build templates for routes. This means that if you have defined different routes as templates, it is very quick to build a calculation. By importing the piece list, putting on a template route, the calculation is ready.

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A calculation in our system is built up by setting up a structure article and then setting up intermediate goods and raw materials. You can have different raw material costs from different suppliers where you can also enter different surcharges. Raw material cost is obtained from article or imported from Excel. Diet can be overridden on each material. In addition, you can easily enter material factors such as a surcharge for each material, or create a total factor for all materials. Machine costs are calculated by entering the operation in time with price and surcharge. We can specify both cost and price per hour for each operation. We can enter different types of times such as setting time, cycle time or changeover time. You can add operator time as a percentage per operation and you can have different prices for different operators.

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You can define and add properties to the operation in relation to the resource’s properties. In this way, a person can be both a resource and an operator. We can enter competence matrices to get the right operator on the right resource. We can enter parallel start-up and slack on operations so that you get the correct lead time in the planning. Once the calculation has been entered, you can choose to see it in different ways. We have 3 types of calculations: Production calculation, offer calculation and packaging calculation – but you can easily tailor your calculations to each production. You can see an overview of all different types of costs for a simulated quantity produced. Or you can choose to see a structured calculation that gives a visual overview of all levels of production.

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What our customers say

There is only one way to work effective Either 100% in the digital solution – or not at all otherwise you miss small parts and loose the major benefits.
Göran Davidsson - Alumbra Profilteknik

Göran Davidsson

CEO, Alumbra Profilteknik

We have control and overview of all cost in our productions. Both the cost of the process and the materials in use. We want to gather everything into one system. Then our operator working on one part have access to everything he needs.
Rolf Schjølberg - Røros Produkter

Rolf Schjølberg

Site Manager, Røros Produkter

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