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When the calculation is built, you can offer it to your customer through our offer module.

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When the calculation is built, you can offer it to your customer through our offer module. It is easy to add other products that can be components or other merchandise. The offer is automatically added to your sales tracking and offer reserve. When the offer is accepted and an order has been placed, a production order is automatically generated and the system has an overview of the production plan, where our solution covers all production and logistical follow-up needs. (see videos about planning, production reporting, needs calculation, logistics, etc.)

three coworkers looking on a computer screen during production

When the product is finished and ready for delivery, you have the opportunity to run a pick list and packing slip. There is full support for partial delivery on each line or if you want to partially deliver the various lines. It is easy to have different delivery dates per line. When the item is delivered, automatic invoicing can be set up via EHF, e-mail or another delivery method.

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What our customers say

There is only one way to work effective Either 100% in the digital solution – or not at all otherwise you miss small parts and loose the major benefits.
Göran Davidsson - Alumbra Profilteknik

Göran Davidsson

CEO, Alumbra Profilteknik

We have control and overview of all cost in our productions. Both the cost of the process and the materials in use. We want to gather everything into one system. Then our operator working on one part have access to everything he needs.
Rolf Schjølberg - Røros Produkter

Rolf Schjølberg

Site Manager, Røros Produkter

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