All types of order documents can be integrated into our solution.

The platform in MyProduction Cloud is built together by API

When we use technology such as API, it is simpler, safer and that updating data in different systems happens faster than traditional file exchange. With our API, any team can make integrations. The team becomes a web service between our API and the counterparty’s API. A web service has a high degree of reuse, which means that this technology is faster and cheaper to use, and that there is more control over which data you move.

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Our platform is ready to be integrated with other software, machines and equipment (IOT) or exchange of order documents such as orders, purchase orders, packing slips or invoices. All types of order documents can be integrated into our solution.

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What our customers say

There is only one way to work effective Either 100% in the digital solution – or not at all otherwise you miss small parts and loose the major benefits.
Göran Davidsson - Alumbra Profilteknik

Göran Davidsson

CEO, Alumbra Profilteknik

We have control and overview of all cost in our productions. Both the cost of the process and the materials in use. We want to gather everything into one system. Then our operator working on one part have access to everything he needs.
Rolf Schjølberg - Røros Produkter

Rolf Schjølberg

Site Manager, Røros Produkter

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