Our module for CRM contains all the functionality expected of a modern CRM system.

A modern CRM system

The solution has customers, supplier, collaboration partner or other grouping of what we call a participant. A participant can be both a customer and a supplier. In the customer image, the user has a good overview of contact persons, activities, tasks and all documentation that has been done for the actor. There are a number of possibilities to group the customer according to their needs. It is also a good overview of which products the customer has and what they have bought in the past. It is easy to get an overview in order to do cross-selling. With proper integration with the financial system, there will be good overviews of all invoices sent to the customer and which ones are outstanding.

close up on hands working in production with yellow gloves

It is possible to build up your own workflow for the sales process, so that sellers follow the right methodology and that it is easy for sales leads to have an overview of all outstanding activities and of activities completed after deadlines. Sellers have a good overview of their customers, outstanding offers and other activities. Our project module can be connected to the actor where all activities in the project show whether it is tasks, production orders, orders or other tasks. It is easy for the seller or project manager to follow the projects. It is also possible to get an overview of the project plan as a diagram. The same plan can show the different production orders so that the seller can easily follow the production and how the different orders follow the plan.

two coworkers wearing vests and helmets during production

What our customers say

There is only one way to work effective Either 100% in the digital solution – or not at all otherwise you miss small parts and loose the major benefits.
Göran Davidsson - Alumbra Profilteknik

Göran Davidsson

CEO, Alumbra Profilteknik

We have control and overview of all cost in our productions. Both the cost of the process and the materials in use. We want to gather everything into one system. Then our operator working on one part have access to everything he needs.
Rolf Schjølberg - Røros Produkter

Rolf Schjølberg

Site Manager, Røros Produkter

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