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Nova is a complete web-based ERP solution developed for all customer order and/or project centered manufacturing businesses with high demands for quality throughout the whole supply chain. The solution gives you support all the way from product development to finance, and makes it easy to get an overview of your production processes, materials and revenues through highly accessible information that specifies what is to be purchased or produced in each individual project and when. All changes made to the project are logged for accurate traceability. Nova helps you to visualize your processes as well as to ensure the quality of all links in the supply chain.

The system has for many years been very strong in the production industry, in addition Hybron Nova meets all the tough requirements found in both the life science sector and the aerospace industry. The system has e.g. functionality specially developed for the life science sector that enables batch management and ensures very high traceability in several dimensions. The system meets all requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The solution is built to be integrated with third party systems, and is highly scalable, an ERP solution to grow with your business over time.

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