Mapaz ERP

A modern ERP-system for manufacturing companies with focus on production and material management.



Mapaz is proud to present an ERP-Software for manufacturing companies, built by people with long experience of production and material management. Mapaz ERP is developed with main focus on production and material management in comparison with many other ERP-Softwares that has the accounting features as their base. By developing Mapaz ERP around the routines deemed as important for the production process we have created a simple but yet very powerful ERP-Software for manufacturing companies.


All Features

The production module manages the flow of all information during the production process of all types of manufacturing companies. Powerful tools that are easy to use for eg. article structures, calculations, planning, operator information and document control.

Our references in various industrial sectors

Mapaz has several hundred ERP systems and many more users. The companies are geographically located mainly in Sweden but are found throughout the Nordic region and Asia. Our customers operate in several different industries where we have listed a few below. It is companies that in some cases have their own products with thousands of components included and, in other cases, subcontractors with the business entirely focused on subcontracting.





Machine Builders






Service & Maintenance

Wood & Carpentry






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For us it is important that you as a user know that you always can get help whether your case are user questions or are of a more technical nature.

Mapaz Remote Support is a tool to facilitate the support and conduct training and demonstrations of Mapaz ERP.