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Cloud-based MRP for smaller manufacturing companies

With our experience and expertise, we have developed our own cloud-based MPS system: MyProduction Cloud. We took with us the best functionality from already existing customers and systems, and created a modern software – a solution born in the cloud, built in the cloud and operated in the cloud. For us, it is important that our customers are secured for the future. Therefore, MyProduction Cloud is the right way to go for those who are concerned with scalability, integrations and minimal maintenance. With our software, you get system support in the processes from purchasing to payment, order to payment, stock management, logistics and production in one and the same solution. Replace Excel sheets and person-dependent routines with a software that keeps system in your data for you.

We see that more and more production companies are accumulating technical debt. Unlike older solutions, with MyProduction Cloud we have focused on standardization and configuration rather than customizing code. With best practice processes and procedures, we have defined what we believe to be the optimal workflow for manufacturing companies within specific industries and micro verticals. With this approach, we have also automated upgrades to newer versions on a continuous basis for all our customers on MyProduction Cloud. You will always have access to the latest functionality and features. In this way, the solution frees up both your time and your resources, so that the company can focus on the value-creating activities instead of administration.

The solution consists of a flexible metadata driven platform and a functional application where everything from infrastructure, information and database is operated by ECI. We have adopted modern technology which means that everything you want from data is stored in the cloud and real-time data can be extracted or entered via integrations with third-party systems. MyProduction Cloud makes your company ready for the fourth industrial evolution, where production companies must increasingly focus on tight integrations in order to digitize their production lines and process flow.

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