Alumbra Profilteknik

Finally a cloud based end-to-end solution 

Alumbra Profilteknik is a production company delivering to several segments.

At this location we work with clients developing new products. It can range from furniture to components for the nuclear industry. We have a wide range so customers can get all in one place. The products we use from MyProduction is Mapaz.  

We use Mapaz in all our companies. That way we can integrate each company in a production if we need to. We use the software from beginning to end. When requests come in, we use Mapaz register the order and create an offer.  We send this to the customer, and it is easy to make changes. All parameters are there so if they want to increase or decrease it is easy. When it becomes an order, we can import all the data into the production.

“There is only one way to work effective. Either 100% in the digital solution – or not at all, otherwise you miss small parts and loose the major benefits.”
Göran Davidsson - Alumbra Profilteknik

Göran Davidsson

CEO, Alumbra Profilteknik

In the order all information is ready and all data is connected. All parts use the data entered in Mapaz. The whole flow from offer, order, production, and delivery is stored in Mapaz. And after delivery and everyone is happy, we use the invoice module. We import from Mapaz to our accounting. So we use Mapaz from start to delivery. The more you use a MPS system the more you see the benefits. There is only one way to work effective. Either 100% in MPS or 0. If you only use bits and pieces you miss the overall benefit. So all or nothing and that is why Mapaz is the heart in our operation. Customers come here an do audits. They see all is under control. That is quality. What does the customer want? They want quality and predictable delivery. To do that we need control and we use Mapaz for that.